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Gratitude:Are you more like Grinch or Gandhi?

RaginiMichaels250Sometimes it’s hard to have gratitude in times like these when the only thing occupying your wallet are maxed out credit cards.  There is both a practical and spiritual aspect to generosity.  How can you develop a healthy balance of the two during the holidays?

About our Guest:

Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, author and certified Trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis for over 30 years, consistently receives international acclaim for her elegant style and professional expertise. She is also recognized for Facticity Six Step Process (Paradox Management) – designed to accelerate your ability to surf the spiritual-psychological interface in daily life.  Ragini offered The Facticity Wisdom School in Seattle (2000-2009), as well as Paradox Soirees for past students and Paradox Salons for interested beginners.  Her work has taken her beyond America to Canada, India, England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.  She runs a successful private practice in Seattle, has published two books on the psychology of paradox, and eight meditation/hypnosis CD’s.

Show Highlights:

  • Part 1: Understanding generosity from a psychological and spiritual perspective and why it’s so hard to be generous in our Western world.
  • Part 2: Shifting your Grinch like attitude – Shift your attitude to gratitude when we play the game show- Shift your perspective.
  • Part 3: First Steps toward Generosity – An attitude of scarcity just produces paupers.
  • Part 4: Practicing generosity every day – Your existence is a gift.  Learn your spirit shine.




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