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Michael Teachings: What is my purpose in life?

What Purpose Life

A fascinating interview with Shepherd Hoodwin on “What is my purpose in life?”.  Shepherd shares in a three part series The Micheal Teachings on this topic and his book “Journey of Your Soul“. Learn a simple way to understand our soul’s path. All text in this post are pulled from …

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A Simple Life (Toinette Lippe)

CJ Liu interviews  Toinette Lippe on her book “Nothing Left Over”. Learn the importance of “interior housekeeping” and find the true measure of a simple life lived in terms of usefulness and impeccability rather than accomplishment or possessions. Toinette teaches us how to discern what is essential and let go …

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A Guide to Stress: How to relieve stress? (Davidji)

Get tips on how to relieve stress from Davidji.  Davidji is an internationally recognized stress-management expert, meditation teacher, and author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, Destressifying. All excerpts in this blog post except where noted are from Destressifying: The real-world guide to personal empowerment, lasting fulfillment, and peace of mind. …

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