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Reinventing yourself: When Shamanism and Jungian psychology intersect? (Carl Greer)

Is it time for a version upgrade yet?  Are you still at Version 1.0?  Learn how to reinvent yourself using the magic elixir of psychology and Shamanism.  Join CJ as she interviews Carl Greer author of “Change your Story, Change your Life” on using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve …

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Manifestation Meditation (Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.)

Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr – The Five Levels of Attachment (New Years) This is an excerpt from my radio interview with Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.  We were talking about New Year’s Resolutions and attachments.  However, I think that his wisdom is relevant as we start each and every day.  What …

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Making your peace with death and dying(Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr)

For many people, the fear of death results in not fully living.  Learn more about why it’s so important to let go of our loved ones and accept death as a part of life.  Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. shares Toltec wisdom on death and dying and letting go.  Death and …

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Letting Go – An act of Love (Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr)

Love yourself and others more deeply.  Become aware of the masks you wear and how letting go will set you free.  Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. shares ancient Toltec wisdom that enable us to discover our true authentic selves. Show Highlights – Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. Part 1: The Toltec way …

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