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Science and Spirituality (Amit Goswami)

Amit Goswami describes his personal journey and how Quantum physics changed his  life philosophy.  Amit Gosawmi shares his experience of introducing the ideas of Quantum Physics to both the scientific and religious communities and why despite evidence many remain entrenched in old paradigms. Plus, Amit Goswami shares the key difference between …

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Divine Feminine: Fast Track to Femininity

Have we lost our femininity in our pursuit to compete in a man’s world? Anaiya Sophia shares how women can regain their authentic feminine power and live in their womanhood without reservation or compromise. What are the Divine Feminine Energies? Anaiya Sophia, author of “Womb Wisdom”, describes Shakti and Bhakti, …

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Transform your challenges: Go with the Flow (Mary O’Malley)

Learn how to transform your struggles into the peace you long for and go with the flow.  Mary O’Malley, author of  “What’s in the Way IS the way”, shares how you can use life challenges as a gateway to finding yourself and your path. What does it mean to go …

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