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Bodhichitta: Tonglen meditations with Lama Surya Das

Learn why the Dali Lama stresses this Buddhist teaching and these meditations above all other.  Lama Surya Das shares the art of “inter-meditating” and two powerful Tonglen meditations from his book “Make Me One with Everything” and shows how we can we transcend the mundane into the sacred.  Learn how …

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Gratitude: Brother David on God, Love, Hope, and Faith

A deeply profound conversation on Love, God and Gratitude. Join CJ and Brother David, a Benedictine monk, as he shares his spiritual journey and his thoughts on why gratefulness is the key to life. Learn how grateful living can lead to a life with more presence, joy, and love. Brother …

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Living with mental illness

When a young person experiences a frightening break from reality, Western experts usually label it a “first-episode psychosis” while many psychologists and cultures define it as a “spiritual awakening”.  Join CJ as she interviews Phil Borges, the director of the documentary CRAZYWISE, who explores the most effective treatment plans and …

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