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Self Love (Ragini Michaels)

What is self love?  How do you move more towards self love?   About our Guest:  Ragini Michaels is the founder of Facticity® Trainings, Inc., a training and consulting company established in 1988 offering certification trainings in Paradox Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Her original work on the Psychology of Paradox has …

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Soul Connection: Living your spiritual values (Michelle Vickers)

Are you feeling dazed and confused and in need of good advice?  Do you want people to “get you” at a soul level?  Join us as we talk about “What is a soul?” and more as our guest, Michelle Vickers, offers practical advice and shows us how you can bring …

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Use a Singing Meditation to Activate your Soul (Will Hewett)

 Meditation doesn’t have to be silent.  Learn how to literally tap into your inner voice and answer the questions of Who am I? What is my purpose?  For one year Will Hewett sang in a stream of consciousness way for one hour a day.  He sang on planes when travelling. He sang …

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