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OM: Chanting your way to wholeness

Find your way to wholeness and transcendence through chanting OM and other mantras.  Join CJ as she interviews acclaimed yoga teacher, author, and mythologist, Alanna Kaivala, about her newest book “Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth and meaning of Mantra and Kirtan”. Radio Interview: Yoga Chanting How to Chant: Some Practical …

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Chanting: Finding Ourselves (Krishna Das)

A powerful interview with yoga’s rock star, Krishna Das.  Join CJ as she talks to Grammy-nominated artist, Krishna Das, about why we are here on earth, love, death, the power of chanting, and an experience that completely changed Krishna Das’s life.  To get more on Krishna Das’s upcoming tour go …

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Happy Place: What is your happy place?

What is your happy place? What is happiness? How do you find happiness? Join CJ as she interviews NY Times best selling author,  Tal Ben-Shahar talking about his newest book  “Choose the Life you Want- 101 ways to create your own road to happiness”. Show Summary How do positive psychologist define …

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