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Guilt and Shame – Is finger wagging useful?

Why do we have guilt and shame? Are they useful emotions? What kind of damage do they inadvertently create?  How can our shame and guilt be converted into a personal learning? Learn from Ragini Michaels, a behavioral change expert on alternatives to wagging the filter or passively aggressively getting others …

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How to deal with anger?

What is anger? Why does it come? What are typical ways people deal with anger? How to deal with anger in a healthy way? Learn some useful anger management tips. Interview: How to deal with Anger?  Did you ever think that anger is really about saying “no” to “what is”?  …

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How to move from the holiday blues to bliss?

Feeling a bit blue or out of control during the crazy holiday season? Getting the holiday blues?   Is cynicism creeping into your holiday cheer? Don’t want to be alone during this X-mas? Discover some easy ways to turn your holiday blues around. Ragini Michaels Ragini is the founder of Facticity® Trainings, …

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