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Attachment & Letting Go

Dealing with major life transitions (Lama Surya Das)

Learn to treasure and savor moments in life even the hard ones.  Pain is inevitable in life, suffering is optional.  Lama Surya Das offers ideas from his book “Buddha Standard Time” so you can learn how to suffer less even during the most difficult life transitions (divorce, loss of loved …

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Letting Go – An act of Love (Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr)

Love yourself and others more deeply.  Become aware of the masks you wear and how letting go will set you free.  Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. shares ancient Toltec wisdom that enable us to discover our true authentic selves. Show Highlights – Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. Part 1: The Toltec way …

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Love and Fear: Frozen in Fear and Going No Where?

Some say that there are only two roots of all emotions- LOVE and FEAR. The challenge comes in travelling from one state to the other. For many 9/11 was a moment when where we perhaps moved into Fear.  Now more than ever we have fear surrounding us all the time.  How can …

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How can you be FIERCE in the face of a life change?

Learn from Jeffrey Hull, a leadership coach and recognized psychologist and author on how to handle transition. About our guest: Jeffrey Hull, MBA, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized psychologist, leadership coach, speaker and writer. He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and the author of the best-selling book …

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How to deal with anger?

What is anger? Why does it come? What are typical ways people deal with anger? How to deal with anger in a healthy way? Learn some useful anger management tips. Interview: How to deal with Anger?  Did you ever think that anger is really about saying “no” to “what is”?  …

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