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Michael Teachings: What is my purpose in life?

What Purpose Life

A fascinating interview with Shepherd Hoodwin on “What is my purpose in life?”.  Shepherd shares in a three part series The Micheal Teachings on this topic and his book “Journey of Your Soul“. Learn a simple way to understand our soul’s path. All text in this post are pulled from …

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A Simple Life (Toinette Lippe)

CJ Liu interviews  Toinette Lippe on her book “Nothing Left Over”. Learn the importance of “interior housekeeping” and find the true measure of a simple life lived in terms of usefulness and impeccability rather than accomplishment or possessions. Toinette teaches us how to discern what is essential and let go …

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A Guide to Stress: How to relieve stress? (Davidji)

Get tips on how to relieve stress from Davidji.  Davidji is an internationally recognized stress-management expert, meditation teacher, and author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, Destressifying. All excerpts in this blog post except where noted are from Destressifying: The real-world guide to personal empowerment, lasting fulfillment, and peace of mind. …

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Byron Katie YouTube: Loving What Is (Video)

Byron Katie shares how she created the four questions that are part of The Work, a process of inquiry featured in her book “Loving What is”. Find more peace, love, and freedom through using this extremely powerful and simple set of questions to change your life. Plus, see a live …

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Eben Alexander: Where do we go when we die?

Dr. Eben Alexander, a renowned neurosurgeon, shares his understanding of consciousness and where we go when we die based on his near death experience eight years ago. What is consciousness? What scientists don’t understand about consciousness? Why are we here on earth?

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Bodhichitta: Tonglen meditations with Lama Surya Das

Learn why the Dali Lama stresses this Buddhist teaching and these meditations above all other.  Lama Surya Das shares the art of “inter-meditating” and two powerful Tonglen meditations from his book “Make Me One with Everything” and shows how we can we transcend the mundane into the sacred.  Learn how …

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Gratitude: Brother David on God, Love, Hope, and Faith

A deeply profound conversation on Love, God and Gratitude. Join CJ and Brother David, a Benedictine monk, as he shares his spiritual journey and his thoughts on why gratefulness is the key to life. Learn how grateful living can lead to a life with more presence, joy, and love. Brother …

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Living with mental illness

When a young person experiences a frightening break from reality, Western experts usually label it a “first-episode psychosis” while many psychologists and cultures define it as a “spiritual awakening”.  Join CJ as she interviews Phil Borges, the director of the documentary CRAZYWISE, who explores the most effective treatment plans and …

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Science and Spirituality (Amit Goswami)

Amit Goswami describes his personal journey and how Quantum physics changed his  life philosophy.  Amit Gosawmi shares his experience of introducing the ideas of Quantum Physics to both the scientific and religious communities and why despite evidence many remain entrenched in old paradigms. Plus, Amit Goswami shares the key difference between …

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