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Byron Katie YouTube: Loving What Is (Video)

Byron Katie shares how she created the four questions that are part of The Work, a process of inquiry featured in her book “Loving What is”. Find more peace, love, and freedom through using this extremely powerful and simple set of questions to change your life. Plus, see a live …

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Heart Meditation: Open your heart to another (Michael Faith)

Do you want to see things from a different perspective?  Take a life issue you have and see what happens when you apply Micheal Faith’s 3 steps and heart meditations from his book Heart Fire to attune you to your heart’s perspective. You’ll gain a whole new way of seeing …

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How to move from the holiday blues to bliss?

Feeling a bit blue or out of control during the crazy holiday season? Getting the holiday blues?   Is cynicism creeping into your holiday cheer? Don’t want to be alone during this X-mas? Discover some easy ways to turn your holiday blues around. Ragini Michaels Ragini is the founder of Facticity® Trainings, …

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