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Overcoming disaster using the 4 Noble Truths

Allan Lokos tells the terrifying story of being on board a plane on Christmas Day when it crashed and exploded in flames. Lokos talks about the 4 Noble Truths, Karma, and how his mindful practice was instrumental to his recovery from the plane accident. Show Summary What we can learn …

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Body Language @ Work

Get the hottest body language tips from body language expert, Mark Bowden.  What does confident body language look and feel like?  What body language signals make us not trust or be unsure of someone? Plus, a ton of demos on common body language cues and what they mean from Mark …

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Creating your Bucket List (Danny Dover)

At one point or another we may hit a low point where we feel depressed or stuck in a rut. Danny Dover hit that point a few years ago when he was diagnosed with depression and was told his depression may last two years.  The cure for his depression did …

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Are your life goals being held hostage by fear of failure?

You know what you need to do, but sometimes you get stuck when it’s time to take action. What’s holding your back?  Is fear running the show?  Stop the feelings of fear from running amok in your head.   If you want your life to be filled with worry and anxiety caused by …

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