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Business Coaching

Who are you?

You may be a manager, entrepreneur, business owner, executive director of a non-profit, of self-employed professional. A business coach knows that it’s hard once you reach a certain level in an organization or when you are a resident expert in an area.

  • Sounding board: You may need a business coach to be a sounding board or help you problem solve a situation.
    New Business/Business improvements: You are creating a new business, launching a new program, or need to rethink how certain parts of your business operate and need the structure, financial analysis, and business process refinements that our business coaches can provide.
  • Prioritization/motivation: You get easily side tracked, procrastinate, and need some help from a business coach to keep you move forward, be highly effective, and prioritize especially for things you don’t enjoy doing, such as sales.
  • Holding back: You sometimes feel that nervous to speak out at meetings, or never fully confident that you are projecting or saying the rightthing when you communicate. Maybe, you feel like you are in the wrong place. What you are being asked to do goes against what you care about or value.
  • Conflict Management: A business coach can help if you are having conflict moving forward and getting things done within your organization due to a challenging situation and people. If you have received
    feedback that you are challenging to work with a business coach can help you build bridges and transform how you interact with others.

What we offer?

My Whole Life’s business coaching goal is for you to achieve personal excellence and business success, while at the same time living in integrity to your values and beliefs. Our business coaching provides candid feedback designed for your personal growth and development. Business coaches will suggest process improvements and strategic advice on how to achieve your business goals and how to rethink your way of doing business.

Business coaching sessions will help you slow down, gain awareness, and notice the effects of your non helpful words, beliefs, and actions on yourself and others, so you can have more positive impact in your communications and actions. Business coaching helps you gain more awareness of your behaviors, personality, communication style, beliefs, and conflict style and how they can more effectively mesh with others. In the end, your changes through business coaching will translate to deeper relationships with other employees, more confidence, well considered decisions, and an increase in your overall personal effectiveness.

Benefits of Business Coaching

Alignment: For most of us the vast majority of our time as an adult is spent at work. Our business coaching goal is to help you have more impact, joy, and meaning at work by focusing on the areas where you can add the most value.

  • Personal Business Plan: A business coach takes you through a personal analysis to help you create and understand your personal mission, personality, work style, and corebeliefs. A business coach will help you create a plan to focus your time at work and structure your team.
  • Skills Assessment: Determine where your talents shine naturally. A business coach helps you identify the things you really enjoy doing, as well as a plan to develop stretch areas. A business coach will notice behaviors that don’t serve you and how you could let them go. Business coaching looks at the intersection of your talents, experience, and interests so you have clarify on your circle of influence.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power”. Lao Tzu.

Balance: Our business coaching goal is to help you obtain a win-win when faced with competing needs whether they are at work (my group’s needs and another group’s needs), or work/home (my personal mission and company mission). Our business coaching approach is to look at the situation holistically.

  • Tools: Tools to achieve to neutrally observe the situation in a balanced way and be open to other perspectives and how they see the situation. Sometimes it’s about balancing a conflict that you feel internally about a situation.
  • Perspective: What is the problem you are facing? What things are within your control and that you can truly influence? How do these map to the highest goals set out by yourself and your company? What power dynamic is at play?
  • Priorities: What are things that you absolutely will not give in on? What would happen if you did?
    Lifestyle assessment: Life is more than just work. How do you ensure that you live a rich full life that honors the non-work aspects?
  • Accountability: Each week you’ll get assignments that help you move the ball forward week to week.
  • Power dynamics: Who has power? How do they gain power? What kind of power dynamics need to be in play for you to achieve your goals?

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well”.—Plato

Clarity: Everyday you are faced with a set of complicated business problems. Business coaching offers more focus on what is truly important, what aligns with your organizational mission, and what
outcomes you want. A business coach helps you gain clarity so that you can lead effectively in the midst of chaos.

  • Decision making: Gain the courage to stand up for what is true, and challenge conventional wisdom or the experts. When should you say “no”? How could you make a sound decision while at the same time act in accordance to your personal mission or values? How do you know when it’s time to delegate? When is it time to terminate an employee? What effects does one employee have on the team?
  • Business meetings: Want to have more productive business meetings and interactions with others. A clear articulation of your vision, goal, directives, and outcomes help others on your team keep focused on
    your priorities.
  • Tools: 7 questions to ask to help guide you at the start of a project or to resolve an issue?
  • Trust your gut: Often times we have a gut feeling about something that we ignore. How can we use our natural navigation tools to help solve business problems?
  • Blind spots: People seem to be circling around some issues they have with you, but you as of yet don’t really get it. Even if you do get it, you are not sure what to do to steer clear of your blind spots. What are your blind spots? What can you do about them?