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For much of my life, I was an active participant in the rat race.  I did all the “right” things and went to all the “right” schools.  I followed the formula for a successful life. I had what some would consider an enviable life – a prestigious high paying job, a loving and supportive husband, and great kids.  So where were the alleged Kodak moments and eternal bliss that the commercials promised?

What I now realize is that I was playing a game that was not of my own design. According to the game rules, money, security, and status were supposed to bring freedom and happiness, but it didn’t.  Instead of
freedom, I was trapped into following societal conventions on what I should or shouldn’t do.

It was both life and death that catalyzed me into moving from a place of self-imposed imprisonment and inaction, to taking control of my life. Family-first is one of my golden rules and personal values. My father’s
death made me reconsider what was important in my life and the birth of my children helped me understand that my inaction would have consequences beyond just myself.

At the time of my father’s death, I was working at Microsoft and felt challenged and stimulated by the constant change, creativity and fast pace in the high tech world.  I did everything from marketing, business development, product planning and strategic planning.  My brain was on a constant high from the buzz of growth and excitement. But I felt a gnawing inside that I had a different and greater purpose and that perhaps I was squandering my talents and time. While I wasn’t sure where my destiny would take me, I took a leap of faith and let my heart lead me.

My heart led me to coaching. Over the last few years, I have created a life that I love and am doing things that feel “right”.  My personal definition of success is simply happiness. Happiness for me comes from loving and being loved by my family and close friends, being authentic, and living in integrity with my values and purpose.

My purpose is to contribute to the betterment of the worldby giving of myself through coaching. Deep in my heart, I feel that there is a better world possible.  It’s a world that is fused with the best of many cultures. For me, it’s the spirituality and practicality of the East and the innovation and spunk of the West. There are many levers you can pull to create a better world. My personal bet for change starts with people first.  It involves moving toward a world where there is more consciousness, awareness and acceptance. My personal mission is to do what I can to create this world by having each person feel alive because they have reached their full potential and followed their personal dreams and ambitions. When this happens people are happier and the world is a better place. Believe it is possible? I do.