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Divine Feminine: Fast Track to Femininity

Have we lost our femininity in our pursuit to compete in a man’s world? Anaiya Sophia shares how women can regain their authentic feminine power and live in their womanhood without reservation or compromise.

What are the Divine Feminine Energies?

Anaiya Sophia, author of “Womb Wisdom”, describes Shakti and Bhakti, the two divine Hindu female Goddesses, which we must embrace if we want to regain our femininity and womanhood.

VIDEO Hyperlinks: Embracing Shakti and Bhakti

  • 0:32 What is Shakti? Bhakti? Both represent feminine expressions (powerful fire energy) and quiet devotional, longing energy. How is Kundalini Yoga related to Womb Wisdom and embracing the feminine?

Shakti (Sanskrit pronunciation:  from Sanskrit shak, “to be able”), meaning “Power” or “empowerment,” is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe in Hinduism.[1] Shakti is the concept, or personification, of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as ‘The Great Divine Mother‘ in Hinduism. On the earthly plane, Shakti most actively manifests through female embodiment and creativity/fertility, though it is also present in males in its potential, unmanifest form.[2] Not only is Shakti responsible for creation, it is also the agent of all change” Shakti. (n.d.). Retrieved May 19, 2015, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakti

“Bhakti is a Sanskrit term that signifies an attitude of devotion to a personal God which is similar to a number of interpersonal relationships between humans, such as between lovers or friends. The difference is that inbhakti, the relationship is between a soul (that of the devotee) and a “supersoul” (God).[3] Bhakti is a yogic path, in that the devotee’s aim is of loving union with God. While the exact form (deity) through which God is worshiped and the exact nature of the union varies between different schools, the essence of the practice displays remarkable homogeneity.[1][2]” Bhakti yoga. (n.d.). Retrieved May 19, 2015, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhakti_yoga.

  • 3:14 Anaiya shares why she started embracing these divine feminine energies through Kundalini Yoga after her boyfriend commented on how she was too man-like and not feminine enough.  As she discovered Kundalini she found a whole new part of herself.

What are the benefits of connecting with this feminine power?

The primary benefit of connecting with feminine energy of Bhakti and Shakti is the sense of wholeness and harmony that we gain when both masculine and feminine energies are present within us.

VIDEO Hyperlinks: What do you gain by embracing the Feminine?

  • 1:57 Why is it important to understand these feminine energies? Women have lost the connection to their feminine energies and are more polarized into their masculine energy. Erotic and enticing energies are some of the aspects lost.
  • 48:20 What happens once you embrace your Divine Feminine?

Where is a women’s power located?

If we want to regain our feminine power, we need to know where that power resides.  Both men and women hold their power in their physical bodies in different places.

The more well-known power center is for men, which is called by many names the Dantian in Chinese Qigong, Hara in Japanese, and Kath in Sufi traditions.  The location of the power center for men is the lower belly, which is located 3 thumb-widths below and 2 thumb-widths behind your navel.

The power center for women is the womb extends from your belly button down to your vaginal opening.

“The deepest, most ancient secrets of life lie within the womb of every woman. The womb is the holiest temple in your body, the most energy-filled place in your body, the place from where your inner voice, deepest guidance and clarity, stillness, creative expression and power arise. It is your primordial voice and connector into the web of life, the web of independence that connects all living beings to each other.” P2.

VIDEO HYPERLINK : What is the womb? Where is it located?

  • 14:40 What is the womb? The womb is the center for physical and non-physical birthing. It is the throne of a woman’s power.
  • 15:15 Where is the womb? It is the area that extends from your belly button down to your vaginal spot. What if you had a hysterectomy or a c-section? Anaiya clarifies that surgery doesn’t take away your womb power. It is still intact. If you can recognize the loss, you can reclaim the womb power.
  • 41:27 A woman’s power is focused in which part of her body? The womb (not the hara) is where the nexus of our power resides.

Why is the womb important for a women’s Power?

It’s through the womb that woman can connect with their feminine powers of creating, birthing, holding space, nurturing, sensuality, healing, and balance.  If we want to fully embrace our femininity, it is owning these powers that we are gifted with as woman and developing a relationship with our wombs.

The womb is where all life is created and held before being birthed.  This is true of both human life and the life of all creations. All women are connected to this creative life force and thereby the Web of Life through our wombs.  .

Here is an excerpt from a conversation between Joseph Campbell and Billy Moyers on the topic of woman and the special power they hold in birthing, nurturing, and creation:

CAMPBELL: “The human woman gives birth just as the earth gives birth to the plants.  She gives nourishment, as the plants to.  So woman magic and earth magic are the same.  They are related.  And the personification of the energy that gives birth to forms and nourishes form is properly female… And when you have a Goddess as the creator, it’s her own body that is the universe.  She is identical with the universe.  That’s the sense of the Goddess Nut figure that you saw in the Egyptian template.  She is the whole sphere of the life –enclosing heavens”

Power of the Myth(42) by Joseph Cambell, Bil.(n.d.) Retrieved June 14, 2015 from http://www.epubsbook.com/2015/4051_42.html

Another excerpt from “Womb Wisdom” about the womb and the special power it holds:

“We are all birthed form the womb, yet it is one of the least known parts of ourselves. This is not surprising, for it holds the greatest power that a woman possesses: the power to nurture, grow, and create life. This power of creation is what each woman holds, but usually only exercises in the process of giving physical birth.

The womb is not just a place to give birth to a baby; it is a place and state of being that births us, that births new realities, that holds a power for deep transformation for ourselves and others with whom we come into contact. The womb is a woman’s feminine core, the generator of tremendous creative potential, vitality, boundless well-being, sensual power, and manifestation. It not only births children but also the fullness of feminine spiritual potential, personal healing, and the depths of relating for which we all yearn. It births and unifies the divine masculine and feminine, bringing balance and loving power to our deepest relationships. The heart does not do this alone. It does it in the alliance with the womb. ” P2

VIDEO hyperlinks: Primordial energy and the connection to the womb and the Web of life

  • 6:11 What is primordial energy? Primordial energy is a pre-verbal energy that is very hard to express. Anaiya describes her felt experience of working with energy and how it is part of the mystical path.
  • 10:02 Anaiya explains the dark night of the soul and her first experience with womb energy, which she refers to us as the Holy Sophia. She describes how the energy felt crone, heavy, and ancient mothers. Anaiya describes how this encounter changed her
  • 14:10What other names are used to describe this energy?
  • 17:01How is the womb connected to the Web of Life? Anaiya describes how embodied women and their wombs connect with each other when they get together.
  • 19:09 How are women connected to the sacred? The womb is connected to the Divine Feminine. Women are now pioneering the return of the feminine to birth a new paradigm. Which men are connected to this energy?
  • 21:06 Anaiya talks about how women are encoded with feminine energies that can be unlocked or activated by experiences, lovers, etc. These energies are hidden parts of ourselves that get catalyzed through transmissions.
  • 23:45 How do Womb Wisdom Transmissions and Mp3 work?  Anaiya explains the process she uses to help women tune into these codes and archetypes and then create a meditation that channels that energy to the listener of the mp3. After the listener listens to mp3, Anaiya will repeat the client’s name to activate the sound and light body associated with the person, and pray to the Christ lineage that the client will receive this energy in the manner that resonates with the spiritual energy that client relates to (e.g.- Buddha). In addition Anaiya is holding the space for protection from distracting energies. Once the client makes their first connection, the client can navigate to find these energies on their own.

How can women regain their power?

Because the womb is the source of our power and where we access feminine qualities, it’s important that we clear the womb of energies that we have picked up from our lovers or from traumatic experiences.

Anaiya describes in the video below how the womb is a place where feeling memory is held and contained, which is different than not visual or thought memories. She stresses the importance of clearing untoward feelings out of the womb, because anything you create will pass on any negative feelings to both our physical and non-physical offspring.

If you think of the womb as a gateway, every lover who enters our womb leaves an impression.  Anytime we make love with someone, the emotional condition that the man is in, or his feelings, leaves an imprint in the womb that commingles with the woman’s feelings. These combined energies can muddle up whose feelings belong to whom. Do these feelings belong to the woman or to the man? We can heal and cleanse the womb by clearing out the guest registry of all the people who we have made love with.  Once we clear out our wombs, we can more easily discern what feelings and thoughts are “ours” and which ones are from our lovers.

To clear the womb of these energies, the woman must connect to the feminine within herself. Anaiya describes the womb as being naturally cold. It warms up once the woman connects to her divine feminine self. This transmission begins to shift things, which will help shake out foreign and unhelpful energies. It’s about sinking down into the feminine space. When this feminine energy is present, it provides safety for the supportive male energies to do their healing work too.

VIDEO: What is stored in the womb?  How do we heal the womb?

  • 31:18What is stored in the womb?
  • 37:59How do you know when your womb is in the healing phase? The more you heal, the more your body feels comfortable, reliable, mature, settled, and stable like an armchair.

Why Woman must connect womb and heart energy to tap the divine feminie?

As women, we are often times instructed to follow and open our hearts as a path to our womanhood.   The presumption in this advice is that heart is grounded with the womb, which carries wisdom, power, and a connection to the primordial energy.   Anaiya explains how the heart and womb are connected and how both are equally important in creating a balanced feminine energy.

“The womb feels autonomous, has a voice of its own, and can respond depending on what is required in each moment.  The womb’s voice is wise, ancient, powerful, and connected to the primordial. It is sunk deep, whereas the heart gives rise to passion, inspiration and the giving and expression of love. Womb holds, heart gives.  Heart’s desire is to unify and bring things together- to end division. The womb holds the space, the container, the crucible for this to happen, for this to birth into manifestation

Heart manifests womb, and the womb holds heart in a secure space allowing the heart to go deeper into its layers rather than being on the surface of on a sentimental aspect of the heart. The womb holds the steadiness, the unwavering center and the ground of creation, steady, still, reliable- the well of creation. With this foundation, the heart then feels safe and secure, feeling its innate and natural ground to learn, rest, and rely upon, a place to arise from in wisdom and strength, able to see clearly and give according to what is the highest potential in the moment

One can say the womb is the bank of the river, and the heart is the river. The womb is the container for alchemy of love to occur and rise into manifestation and being.  Mind is the servant of womb-heart designed to carry out its orders.  The heart is incomplete without the maturity of the womb.  The womb establishes itself deep within the character, the clarity, the stillness and the inner guidance, the commitment and stamina, housing the ground upon which you may come to take solace and guidance throughout your greatest tests in life”. p 6-7

VIDEO Hyperlinks: The difference between womb and heart energy

  • 39:53 According to Yoga philosophy, the Hara, Heart and Womb locks help us moderate our energy. Yoga practices the ability to open up these locks like turning on or off a faucet.
  • 43:11 Why would you want to open up your womb lock? Anaiya uses the womb lock when she is creating a moment of reckoning or a sacred space that feels more sobering.
  • 44:14 How is womb energy different than heart energy? Anaiya describes the heart space as a “golden” playful and joyful place. The womb is more of “black” sobering space.
  • 46:39 How does the womb energy connect with the heart? Heart is Bhakti devotion and womb is the anchor to keep on loving.

Why is bringing feminine energy into its full expression important to the world?

Excerpt from Womb Wisdom:

Currently, our world is heavily male oriented which has created an imbalance with has had an impact on the environment, cultural values, violence, and more. As a response to this male-dominated world, women have joined the wave of this masculine energy living more out of our heads than in our hearts. When women return to their innate gifts and feminine essence the power imbalance can shift and women in turn will feel more empowered.

“As women, we have become so divorced from the womb, our primal center of gravity, joy, and soul connection, that we have forgotten who we are and how we could be. Instead we try to compete on masculine terms and conditions to get by in the world today. The flowering of the feminine rose has become dwarfed by the pillar of the masculine, instead of both sitting side by side in harmony and relative equality.

This imbalance is caused by our forgetting about the womb and its true purpose and power. In this forgetting, men too have forgotten how to relate fully to the feminine and how to be truly human, building walls of intellectual justification and anger around the wounds and the hold that have been created by this separation. Many relations and ways of behavior have been influenced by this separation, creating a grossly distorted view of spirituality and social behavior that has formed the current infrastructures of society and informs how we are living life today. These structures have been created by a handful of men without women, creating in turn an innately flawed, imbalanced worldview and society.”” P3

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