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Intuition: What is it?

What is intuition?  What does it mean to be an intuitive? Join CJ Liu as she interviews Evolutionary Mind Coach for Elite Performers and Visionary Leaders, Simone Wright, about her book “First Intelligence Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition”.   Simone shares how she coaches or uses her own intuitive guidance to help corporate CEO’s, Hollywood entertainers,  elite athletes, and police and law enforcement personnel  reach their highest potential.


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Q&A with our Guest

Author of First Intelligence


1) Why is learning how to use our intuition important?

Learning how to use our intuition is more important now than it ever has been before because we are exposed to more information, more opinion and more distraction than ever before. A recent UCLA study revealed that we are exposed to about 175 newspapers worth of data each day. Which is 5 times more information than we were exposed to just 20 years ago. If we want our lives to be ones filled with happiness, health and prosperity we need to learn how to surf that tsunami of information instead of being drowned by it. Developing our intuition is crucial in order to know what is truly in our deepest and most powerful best interest, if we want to make empowered decisions that will guide us to our highest good without needing to follow the crowd or rely on popular opinion,

Developing our intuitive intelligence empowers us to make wise and beneficial choices that please and inspire us and allows us to navigate through life with an expanded sense of ease and well being.

2) What are common misconceptions that people hold about intuition?  

There are many misconceptions about intuitive intelligence. The first misconception is that intuition is a supernatural or paranormal phenomenon. The fact of the matter is that intuition is an intelligence that we are all born with that operates as a tool to guide us towards our highest good and most beneficial level of survival. It is a natural skill that is functioning in very powerful ways before we ever learn or are taught anything. You do not need to be special or spiritual or gifted in order to use it, you only need to be human.

The second misconception is that intuition is based in emotion. For most people emotions are considered uncontrollable and irrational and because of this lack of dependability, intuition is considered completely unreliable.  The truth is that the information contained within intuitive intelligence is emotionally neutral – it is only our response to the intuitive information that triggers our emotions. As you become more aware of your intuitive intelligence you learn to tell the difference between a true intuitive hit and an emotional thought, habit or belief. With that level of heightened precision you can learn to guide and direct your intuition to assist you in whatever area of life you desire. You can do it at will and with an expectation of dependability and certainty.

 3) How did you discover this process and how have you used it in your life? Has it always been successful or did you make mistakes along the way?

I have been intuitively sensitive since I was a child, it has always been a part of me, but it was only in my adult years that I learned how to manage and ultimately direct it for my benefit. I have used it in my business and as a tool in deciding what paths to take in regards to my career. I have used it profoundly in situations with my health and in locating a place to live.

When I didn’t completely understand it or know the intricacies of the process I now teach in First Intelligence, I was just like everyone else and made many errors along the way; both in following directions that were not my intuition and ignoring directions that were my intuition. Some of those stumbles were pretty big ones. I don’t call those detours mistakes though, because they have made me very proficient and far more precise in recognizing when I am not in alignment with what I now know to be my authentic intuitive voice.

But even now, I still get opportunities to practice, fine tune, refine and become more precise. I look forward to those challenges because it makes me better at what I do and I find great joy in having those moments of recognition where I can spot the misalignment and make a more aligned choice because of that recognition. It has become a very fun and rewarding adventure – made all the more delicious because of the hiccups along the way.

 4) How did your work on a police case helped you shape your book’s extremely practical approach to intuition. Will you tell us that story? 

I was up in Canada teaching a weekend intuition workshop and a police detective friend of mine who knew I was in town for a layover called me to see if I would be able to ‘go to a scene’ with him. He didn’t provide me any details or information but simply dropped me off at a Vietnamese restaurant and told me he would pick me up in 10 minutes.

Those 10 minutes were plenty of time to do some intuitive detective work and when my friend came back to get me I was able to give him some pretty profound information about what had happened there. The restaurant had been the scene of a triple homicide, gang hit and I was able to provide my detective friend with plenty of details, including what the police call ‘hold back’, which are the tiny details that can break a case that only the police and the people at the crime scene would know.

He was impressed and asked if I would be interested in doing this sort of work for the police full time – I said ‘Hell no! But what if I could teach the cops how to do what I do? To develop their intuitive intelligence so they could be more effective and less stressed on the job?’

He liked the idea, ran it past his superiors and got approval for me to teach a program that amplified intuitive intelligence in police officers. Nine months later I had a room full of 22 seasoned police detectives from all departments learning how to access the power of their intuitive intelligence to serve and benefit them in all aspects of life both professionally and personally.

Developing the program for the cops forced me to get really practical and to knock all of the woo woo, new agey stuff off of the intuitive process and make it as grounded and simple as possible. I knew that what I was doing naturally worked in very profound ways and I was already teaching it to regular people around North America, but making it something that the police would listen to, apply and appreciate was something that took the understanding of my work to another level.

This required me to break down the process step by step and get really specific about what was going on biologically and energetically throughout. I could take the positive results and the good outcomes of the work I did with the cops (and others) and use that as validation that what I was doing physically and energetically was in fact working. It was sort of a reverse engineering process that led me to ask the questions ‘What is going on biologically? What is happening energetically? And what am I doing with my mind that allows me access to this information?’ – then it was a matter of researching the science and putting it all together.

It was a great to have that sort of success and validation from an environment as pragmatic and logical as police service. I know it was a benefit to the officers who attended and it has made my practice even stronger, made my teaching even more fun and powerful and resulted in even greater results for the students and clients I teach.

 5) How should I expect intuition to show up for me? Is it really an inner voice?

Intuitive intelligence shows up differently for every one. Each one of us will perceive and receive information based on our own unique intuitive style.

Intuition uses all of our five senses to connect and communicate. So, yes, it can be an inner voice, where we perceive sound in our awareness – which is known as clairaudience or ‘clear hearing.’ We might perceive certain visions or see certain things either externally or in our minds eye, which is known as clairvoyance or ‘clear seeing’.

We might perceive certain tastes or smells that hold specific information that is in alignment with our intuitive request – these are known as clairgustiance or ‘clear tasting’ and clairalience or ‘clear smelling’.

Clairsentience or ‘clear feeling’ is the ability to perceive information through the sense of touch, vibration or feeling. This is a strong physical intuition that links people directly to things in the environment – the ability to gather information from a piece of jewelry, clothing or even a photo is called Psychometry and is an expanded form of this skill.

A sixth sensory ability that is not linked to any particular physical sense is known as claircognizance or ‘clear knowing’ This reveals itself as as a complete inner knowing, sort of like a total informational download or knowing that something is true or accurate without having any supporting rational explanation.  This form of intuitive intelligence provides us with knowing without having to go through the process of learning.

If you tend to learn best through a particular sense; that is you need to see something to learn it, or hear it or do it, this might tend to lead you to your particular intuitive style.

 6) What is the difference between intuition and instinct?

Instinct is a survival tool possessed by every living organism on the planet. It is a form of intelligence that according to the dictionary means – a largely inheritable and unalterable tendency of an organism to make a complex and specific response to environmental stimuli without involving reason. It is basically the intelligence that guides our ability to survive.

Intuition is also a survival tool, however it is a multi faceted, multi dimensional, wisdom that guides us to our highest level of evolutionary possibility. It is a guidance system linked to universal intelligence that works specifically with the conscious awareness of the person who possesses it. It can be used at will and through the focus of choice to provide information and inspiration that will lead to any destination we desire. Intuition is the voice of our highest wisdom and we are constantly and continuously directed by it. We just have to learn how to listen.

 7) You write about our ability to receive being a crucial part of using our intuition. How so? 

In order for us to gain the greatest benefit from our intuitive intelligence we must be open to receiving ideas and inspirations, support, both physically and energetically, and guidance to lead us forward on our journey. It is only when we are open to receiving the benefits that can improve our lives that we can be in a position to then shift into the giving that we so long to do.

Many of us, especially those who may have a focused spiritual practice have distorted beliefs about giving and receiving. Many have been trained to believe that it is ‘better to give than it is to receive’ – this erroneous belief often makes it difficult for us to be open enough to receive the gift of intuitive information because we may believe that we have to earn it, or we don’t deserve it, or that if it is simply given to us that it isn’t spiritual enough.

Intuition is a two way street of giving and receiving – they are simply opposites on the scale of energetic exchange. Once cannot exist without the other. Learning to amplify our ability to receive without judgment about what it means literally unlocks the door to the limitless possibilities that our intuition holds for us.

8) Is there a specific protocol to activating and using our intuitive intelligence?

Yes and it is an important one. There is a foundation on which all intuitive inquiry should be built. I call it the Intuition Triad – it is the foundation of Peace, Precision and Perception. All three elements are crucial to your intuitive success.

The Peace element requires that we engage our intuitive enquiry from a platform of coherent and peaceful heart based energy. This action calms the thinking mind, eliminates the static from our intuitive line and prepares us for clear communication.

The second element, Precision, operates like the tuner on our GPS or radio station and aligns us appropriately with the information we seek to find. Precision is the key element in linking us with the information held within the unified field. Knowing the right way and the wrong way to ask a question is crucial to receiving the answers we require to guide us to our ultimate goal.

The third and final element, Perception teaches us how to begin to ‘notice what we notice.’ The language of intuition is a subtle one and its messages are often easy to miss. As we fine tune our coherence and our alignment with our goal, our perception becomes more refined and the ideas, information, people, situations and solutions start to gradually appear to lead us towards success.

 9) Where is intuition housed in the body?

Every single cell in our body is intuitively intelligent; the entire body could be considered an intuitive transmitter, receiver and antennae. But the three major areas in the body are located in what I call the Trilateral Intelligence system. Those points are the brain, the gut and the heart.

Each of these systems has their own intuitive skill set and performs their functions in specific ways and in specific situations. But all combine to create an integrated powerhouse of intuitive intelligence that is unsurpassed by any technology out there.

 10) In your book you write about the four levels of intuition. What are they?

The four levels of intuition are:

#1 – Gut instinct: This is the one we are all most familiar with and the one most commonly associated with intuition. But it is not the only one in our intuitive toolbox. Its attributes are safety, security and survival.

It is the most material level of First Intelligence and is concerned mainly with keeping our bodily life form in tact. To put it simply it is the level concerned with only one thing, our ability to survive. When impressions received from the environment are perceived as unsafe, gut instinct will shift us into survival mode. When it is perceived as safe, our gut instinct guides our body to relax, opens, and expand to soak in the energies that are in alignment with our highest good.

#2. – Heart Based Intelligence: Its attributes are Courage, Compassion and Communication

This intelligence is connected to the brilliance of nature that guides and supports every biological function in our body and guides how we interact with and communicate with everything on our material plane. It is less concerned with issues of survival and is more involved with what is in the souls best interest for evolutionary growth and how to apply that wisdom to the material world.

It also provides guides us towards what is appropriate to say or do in moments of need and leads us to provide a sense of calm and peace to those who require it. It allows us to connect and communicate in often unspoken ways and to feel bonded to people, animals and places in ways that cannot be described by words or rational thought.

#3 – Visionary Power: Its attributes: Imagination, Visionary Certainty and Creative Possibility

This level of intuition is commonly known as extra sensory perception and is often linked to the phenomena of expanded spiritual vision, lucid dreaming and other elevated psychic events. Here expansion of our limited physical perceptions and recognition of our broader perceptual capabilities is the goal. From this level we are able to see the bigger picture and recognize all aspects of a situation so we can overcome or avoid obstacles, recognize short cuts or realize solutions that others simply do not recognize.

Here extra ordinary solutions and groundbreaking new ideas are commonplace. Here the ability to see ahead of the pack becomes a potent skill. This is the realm of the visionary.

#4  – Universal Wisdom – Its attributes: Universal Awareness and Unity Consciousness

This is the level of intuition that connects our physical being to the unified field and all universal wisdom. It uses the expanded or spiritual versions of the five physical senses and is often activated during deep meditation or advanced awareness practices.

This wisdom is activated when all aspects of the human mind are turned down so we connect with and experience the understanding of the cosmic mind. Here we are connected to the all and are open to receive downloads of instant understanding that reveal an intimate grasping of a life situation or an understanding of the purpose or meaning of our lives.

This level of wisdom tells us everything is possible but nothing is necessary. It tells us that whatever we desire is at our fingertips, but that we already possess everything we need. Here all things are valuable and appropriate, all of our needs will be met and we are safe regardless of external circumstances.

11) How can I tell if the information I am sensing is in fact my intuition and not my fear, influences or past conditioning?

With practice, you will learn to tell the difference based on how it feels. Any information based in fear or past conditioning will feel completely different that information that is sourced from you higher wisdom. Information that comes from your lower mind, that is not aligned with your highest good will feel ‘off’ to a certain degree. Guidance from your higher wisdom will feel calm, clear, solid and peaceful. Your practice is to become proficient in telling the difference.

 12) What about those times when we get an intuitive impression and we follow the guidance only to have things not work out for us? Isn’t this all a crap shoot?

We have all experienced times when what we thought was a correct intuitive hit that was going to lead us to a certain outcome didn’t work out as we expected. Conversely we have all had the experiences when our intuition guided us and it WAS correct. If we all took a moment to reflect on the way each of those situations felt, and where we were situated energetically, we would recognize very clearly, they both felt different. This is an important difference to be aware of and it is a major key to intuitive success.

Very few people have actually been taught how to speak the language of intuitive intelligence and so they haven’t known how to properly and consistently engage with it. Nor have they been aware of the energetic foundation that is necessary to send and receive information correctly. So if you are entering into the intuitive conversation without knowing how to do it appropriately, yes, it can be a crap-shoot. No doubt about it.

Just like any other language you need to know the foundation and the rules, and you need to go out into the world and practice them. Part of becoming fluent is learning what works and what doesn’t work. Part of the mastery comes from becoming really good at recognizing what a true intuitive directive feels like and sounds like  – you develop this mastery by becoming good at recognizing what it doesn’t feel like.

Our intuitive success depends on our energetic level of peace or coherence, the level of precision with which we ask our questions and align our energy and our ability to properly perceive or interpret the information that is being noticed. There are many moving parts to the process and the more we practice, the better and better we get at it.

The beauty of having ‘failed’ in the past is now we have another recognition set point that we can use to compare future intuitive hits with. We get to use our past failures and successes to compare the feelings held within the current intuitive information to guide us into intuitive alignment.

The three things you need to consider when engaging your Intuitive intelligence are:

#1: Am I entering the conversation from an energetic platform of Peace and coherence?

#2: Am I being precise with the feelings I am using and the questions I am asking in order to gain information?

#3: What thoughts, ideas or impressions am I noticing around me that are in alignment with my intuitive request?

If you have these three points of focus properly aligned then your intuitive guidance will become more and more reliable and you will be lead to greater success.

About Our Guest


As a respected authority on Intuitive Intelligence, Peak Performance, Innovation and CreativitySimone Wright is an internationally valued expert on the power of the human mind and its massive potential for evolutionary intelligence and groundbreaking ingenuity. She is a highly respected Intuitive consultant, an award winning entrepreneur, a globally collected artist who has become the highest selling artist of her kind in the world; she is also an author and sought after speaker who is quickly gaining a reputation as the ‘Evolutionary Mind Coach for Elite Performers and Visionary Leaders.’

Simone’s client list includes the top achievers and emerging talents in a broad field of specialties that cover a spectrum of private and public enterprises. From police and law enforcement personnel to elite athletes, from health care providers to Hollywood entertainers, and from leading corporate CEO’s to groundbreaking Entrepreneurs – all have benefited from Simones’ precise Intuitive vision, open hearted direction and keen sense of mission.

Combining almost 25 years of focus and study of the development and fine tuning of the Intuitive and Creative mind, and with her life long practical experiences as a Gold Medal athlete, entrepreneur, artist, teacher and inspired visionary, Simone is able to guide people from all walks of life to discover the power of their innate highest intelligence, activating clear wisdom and removing old self imposed obstacles, to create the life of their dreams.

Professionally, Simone has successfully used her dynamic Intuitive skills to assist in police investigations, missing children’s cases and corporate business strategies. She works on a consultative basis empowering individuals to navigate the challenges of change and uncertainty by activating their own Integrated Intelligence to gain access to their deepest personal wisdom. On an intimate level, Simone has helped people navigate through the huge financial and emotional changes associated with success or fame, for others she has helped heal chronic or debilitating illnesses, assisted individuals in moving through the psychological trauma of the death or loss of loved ones and brought empowered clarity and understanding to personal and professional relationships.

Simone’s work and unique perspective provides a fascinating, accessible framework for people to hear their own intuitive intelligence and recognize their highest potential. Her approach has given organizations, companies and individuals the ability to hone and precisely develop their skills to create profound changes in their lives, which has led to greater success, clarity of focus, and heightened awareness of purpose and power.

Simone  has written articles for several magazines, appeared on radio and television programming across North America, presented keynote speeches at numerous conferences on empowerment and has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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