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Use a Singing Meditation to Activate your Soul (Will Hewett)

 Singing-meditation (2)Meditation doesn’t have to be silent.  Learn how to literally tap into your inner voice and answer the questions of Who am I? What is my purpose?  For one year Will Hewett sang in a stream of consciousness way for one hour a day.  He sang on planes when travelling. He sang in Australia, South Africa, and Nigeria during business trips.  He just SANG.  As he sang he discovered many things including a new relationships to his work-life balance.  Join vocata (voh-kah-tah) and find your project that will help you develop your capacity for self-expression, creativity, leadership, conscious participation and enjoyment.

Show Highlights:

1)  A simple way to inspire your Creativity: Learn how Will developed his daily singing practice and how he found a greater sense of his own creativity and spontaneity in his life. Listen to Part 1

2) Sign15- A simple 15 minute practice toward a more vibrant life:  How do you overcome your fears and commit to adding aliveness in your life and getting out of your habitual routines? Getting clear with “why” you are engaging in this practice?  Listen to Part 2.

3) Hear Will sing and transcend time: What personal lessons and insights Will Hewettgot from singing every day for 15 minutes?  Listen to Part 3

4) Finding your Song:  Start your own singing meditation practice right now!  No time like the present to change your life.   Listen to Part 4

About our Guest:

Will Hewett is an organizational transformation consultant, executive coach, learning designer, vocalist and improviser. As consultant and practice leader with JMJ Associates, Hewett works with corporate clients around the world to raise their capacity to act inside complexity, and to bridge their deepest commitments with their daily work.

Will is an engaging speaker and workshop leader, offering groups an opportunity to step out of the hubbub of life and into a deeper connection with themselves and their world.


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