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6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What (Ragini Michaels)


Did you know you may not have the whole story behind how to create a happy and mindful life? Ragini’s book  Unflappable – 6 Steps to Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What highlights a secret strategy tucked inside a part of the story that rarely gets attention.  Learn how this strategy, and installing it in your daily life, makes a happy and conscious life a real possibility – and much easier to sustain.

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Show Highlights: 

  • Part 1: Introduction to Ragini and her new book and how Ragini’s book helps your unconscious mind develop new strategies that will evolve your mind, body, and spirit. Listen to Part 1
  • Part 2: The only thing permanent in life is impermanence: Why is it important to change your relationship to life change?   Why should we say “yes” and welcome both pleasure and pain with equanimity?  How does it relate to our happiness? Listen to Part 2
  • Part 3: Making your peace with opposites: Why is embracing opposites tied to our happiness? How can we relate to opposites in a new way? Listen to Part 3
  • Part 4: Real-life Scenarios:  We will take a common modern day dilemma and apply our understanding of opposites and impermanence.  How can we make our peace with performing at work and spending time with our families? Listen to Part 4
About our Guest:

Ragini Michaels is the founder of Facticity® Trainings, Inc., a training and consulting company established in 1988 offering certification trainings in Paradox Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Her original work on the Psychology of Paradox has received critical acclaim and taken her throughout America, Canada, Europe, and India presenting workshops and seminars. She is the creator of eight hypnosis/meditation CD’s, and the author of two books on paradox with her third,Unflappable – 6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What, available May 2012 (Conari Press).

Her approach relies on the practical application of her behavioral change skills and personal wisdom from 35 years of exploring meditation and stress release as it relates to living in a paradoxical world. These elements create a unique perspective and style that supports people’s desire to blend the wisdom of their spiritual lives into the fabric of their material lives to produce results, a sense of purpose, and more joy and inspiration from daily living.


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