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Lusting after just one more bite out of life?

Ragini-20034You know.  I know it.  There are just some things in live that are just so darn bad for you, but that  you can’t stop obsessing about.  Maybe, it’s the salted chocolate carmels, or the bad boy that lives next door.   What happens when these “things” that we lust and desperately want overcome our every waking thoughts?  Just one small bite can’t hurt you.  Can it?  Greed, jealousy, and envy seem so harmless, but can be crippling to our general well being and mental health.  Listen to some simple strategies you can use next time you are at Gucci, the Apple Store, or wherever and you are tempted by all those “things”.

About our Guest

Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, author and certified Trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis for over 30 years, consistently receives international acclaim for her elegant style and professional expertise. She is also recognized for Facticity Six Step Process (Paradox Management) – designed to accelerate your ability to surf the spiritual-psychological interface in daily life. Ragini offered The Facticity Wisdom School in Seattle (2000-2009), as well as Paradox Soirees for past students and Paradox Salons for interested beginners. Her work has taken her beyond America to Canada, India, England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. She runs a successful private practice in Seattle, has published two books on the psychology of paradox, and eight meditation/hypnosis CD’s. Her third book – working title The Wisdom Of Your Discontent – will be available next spring (Conari Press, 2011).

Show Highlights:

  • What are the true needs that jealousy and envy mask?
  • How can we be more aware that jealousy has arise?
  • How can we move from a sense of emptiness an filling our gaps with stuff to a place of spaciousness?


  • Ragini’s website: www.facticity.com
  • Ragini’s books: http://www.amazon.com/Lions-Wait-Ragini-Elizabeth-Michaels/dp/0962868612 and http://www.facticity.com/content/Bookandcds/books.asp
  • CD’s: http://www.facticity.com/content/Bookandcds/cds.asp

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