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Guilt and Shame – Is finger wagging useful?

Ragini-2003Why do we have guilt and shame? Are they useful emotions? What kind of damage do they inadvertently create?  How can our shame and guilt be converted into a personal learning? Learn from Ragini Michaels, a behavioral change expert on alternatives to wagging the filter or passively aggressively getting others to meet your values or needs.

Interview on Guilt and Shame: What is Guilt and Shame?

  • What does unhealthy guilt and shame look like? What are harmful effects when we guilt and shame each other?
  • How can we increase our awareness of when we may using word choices or behaving in a way that makes your loved one, friend, or work associate feel guilty or shameful?
  • How can you make your needs known and not manipulate others to meet them by making them feel guilty?  Can this be the most compassionate way to give yourself and others love? Learn the words to state your needs and not guilt/shame another.

Ragini Michaels – Expert in NLP, Ericksonian Hyponsis, and Book Author

Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, author and certified Trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis for over 30 years, consistently receives international acclaim for her elegant style and professional expertise. She is also recognized for Facticity Six Step Process (Paradox Management) – designed to accelerate your ability to surf the spiritual-psychological interface in daily life. Ragini offered The Facticity Wisdom School in Seattle (2000-2009), as well as Paradox Soirees for past students and Paradox Salons for interested beginners. Her work has taken her beyond America to Canada, India, England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. She runs a successful private practice in Seattle, has published two books on the psychology of paradox, and eight meditation/hypnosis CD’s. Her third book – working title The Wisdom Of Your Discontent – will be available next spring (Conari Press, 2011).

Resources to learn more about Guilt and Shame:

  • Ragini’s website: www.facticity.com
  • Ragini’s books: http://www.amazon.com/Lions-Wait-Ragini-Elizabeth-Michaels/dp/0962868612 and http://www.facticity.com/content/Bookandcds/books.asp
  • CD’s: http://www.facticity.com/content/Bookandcds/cds.asp
  • Pretty academic, but interesting look at psychology of guilt and shame: http://www.anxietycare.org.uk/docs/guilt.asp
  • Nice simple discussion of the difference between guilt and shame: http://www.beyondintractability.org/essay/guilt_shame/

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